Thursday, December 12, 2013

Off Season Tips

To make sure your golf game is ready for next season, it's very important to take part of the winter and REST! Over the summer months we try to squeeze in as many rounds as possible and when the snow starts to fly, sit back, relax and watch a hockey game!

Stretching on the off season and even holding a small weighted object and pretending to swing will keep your muscles loose and make the transition in the spring that much easier.

Here is a little lesson to help you look forward to my new assistant for next golf season - Si Roberston.

Junior Golf Clubs That Grow

Junior Golf Sets for SALE! 

Is anyone still doing Christmas shopping for their children or grandchildren?
I have Acculength
 junior club sets for sale. 

Every club accommodates 4 one-inch spacers allowing a child to grow up to 12” and still use the same clubs!!

For more info and pricing
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sand Shot Tip for Snow Birds

Below is a good sand shot lesson from Lee Westwood for those snow birds heading south this winter. A common thing I heard all summer was "I hate all the sand traps in Florida", well hopefully this quick tip will help you get out of the beach on the course, and save more time for the beach at the ocean!