Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fundraising Campaign

>>  Looking for 50 people to contribute $100  <<

As some of you already know, I am heading to Florida at the end of this month to prepare for PGA Tour Canada (formally the Canadian Tour) Qualifying School. I will be spending three months in Central Florida to practice and play events. I already have some financial support to cover qualifying school and rent expenses, but I still need more financial support to enable me to play events to get my game back into shape for qualifying school.  

I am not looking for a large amount of money from one individual; I am looking for small contributions of $100 from 50 people. With your help, you can help me reach my goal of 50 contributors. This will allow me to take the next step in my professional career and one step closer to one day playing the PGA Tour.
To make a contribution you can:
a)      Send an email money transfer to
b)      Contact Brian at 902-921-1973
c)       Mail a cheque to:
          Brian Affleck
          54 Church Road
          RR#1 Thorburn
          Sutherlands River, NS
          B0K 1W0

Thank you for your support!

---->>>> UPDATE <<<<---- font=""> of February 7, 2013 I have reached 36 of 50 needed contributors!

Thanks for all the support!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Florida Bound

As some of you may already know, I will be heading to Florida at the first of February to practice and prepare for PGA Tour Canada qualifying school (formally the Canadian Tour). Here is a brief description of my plans for 2013.

Round 1: Florida from February 4 - May 3
I will spend 3 months in Central Florida competing on the West Florida Golf Tour and practising to prepare for qualifying school in April. I plan to play 10-12 events to help me get back into top form.

You can find my tentative schedule HERE for my three months in Florida.

Round 2: Back to Pictou County
It will be time to hit the road back home at the first of May and hold a fundraiser or two to get money together to play on the PGA Tour Canada. I will then head to Southern Ontario to prepare for the PGA Tour Canada season and play a few events on the Great Lakes Tour.

Round 3: June - September
I plan to play the full 8 event schedule on the PGA Tour Canada. Events will start in Vancouver and work thier way East to Ontario for a couple events to finish off the season in September.

Round 4: September - November
I hope to compete in Tour qualifying school and possibly European Tour qualifying school as well.

All of this is not going to be possible without financial support. Thanks to local business Tom Brady (not the NFL Quarterback) I have gotten off to a great start as Tom has been rounding up money for me. Without the help from Tom, I would not have the opportunity to pursue golf full time again. If you know Tom, or run into him on the street, do me a favour and thank him for his generosity and persistence.

If you would like to become a financial contributor, please contact myself or Tom Brady for more information.

Brian: 902-921-1973
Tom: 902-396-7086

All the best is 2013!