Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring update

What are your plans for this year? Did you go south this winter?

These are two of the most common questions I have been answering lately. So to help get everyone else up to speed I figured it's time to update the blog.

I did not make it down south this winter. I was unable to get together enough funds to comfortably go down and play the mini tours and participate in Canadian Tour q-school.

In February, I started back working for Velsoft and managing their Google pay-per-click advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Social Media sides of the marketing department. I worked with Velsoft for a year before heading south in 2010 and I am very happy to be back on board with them. Velsoft provides customizable, innovative training solutions for professionals worldwide. We offer instructor-led training materials and online learning solutions.

My golf plans for this year include 5-6 events in Atlantic Canada, Maine, Quebec, and Ontario. You can see my schedule here. I am very much still following my dream. I have yet to reach my potential and I plan to have enough financial backing in place to spend 3-5 years playing professional golf full time to reach my goal of playing on the PGA Tour. I also plan on attending the regional World long Drive Qualifier in Moncton this Summer.

I have been playing quite a bit of golf so far this year and feel my game is coming around. I have been scoring well the past couple weeks but still feel I have lots of winter kinks to work out.

I am going to get back into the swing of things with the blog to keep everyone updated and will have some weekly tips to help improve your game.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!