Saturday, July 30, 2011

New game plan for Fall 2011 - changed due to injury

Hello everyone, I have been a little slack on keeping everyone up to date on things since I got home but I have been having a very busy summer. Since I arrived back home I have been working on the grounds crew at Glen Lovat Golf Club and teaching lessons in the afternoons and evenings. The past month the lessons have kept me extremely busy with 4 or 5 afternoons/evenings booked solid every week. This is great for my fundraising and also giving my game a rest because I have hardly any time to play. But my game is starting to come together the one or two times I get out a week and I have a good feeling I will peak at the right time.

New Game Plan
I will no longer be doing PGA Tour qualifying school this Fall because I have not raised enough money to pay for my entry fee, expenses, and the dates of first stage conflict with the birth of my second child in mid-October. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a plan that will fit my budget, dates are perfect, and a chance to follow the path of many of the worlds best golfers and play the European Tour. European Tour Q-school is going to cost me half of what PGA Tour Q-school would cost. So, I will be competing in European Tour qualifying school in near the end of September. There are 3 stages and for first stages there are 8 different venues and I am trying to go to the one in Germany. The course looks like it fits my game well and the price is right on the plane tickets. After first stage I will return home for 6 weeks then head to Spain in mid November to compete in second and third stages at the first of December.

Back-up Plan
You might be wondering if I have a back-up plan, well, I have a few ideas. If I fail to qualify for the European Tour I still have a chance to qualify for the European Challenge Tour. The Challenge Tour qualifying is run through European Tour q-school and is very similar to the Nationwide Tour. Depending on where you finish at final stage will depend on the amount of exemptions you can earn throughout the season. So as long as I make it to final stage I will remain over seas to play The European Tour or European Challenge Tour. If I am unable to make it to the final stage I will come back home for a couple months with my family. My plans for 2012 will depend on how fundraising goes this Fall. I hope to raise enough money to head back to Florida or Myrtle beach in January to play mini tours and continue to gain the much needed experience to excel at the highest level.

I will be having a few fundraisers over the next month so I ask everyone to please continue to show their support and keep and eye out for some of the fundraising events. Below is a list of upcoming and ongoing fundraising.
-Golf Lessons -> email or call 902-695-2943 to inquire
-Golf Shirt (Brian Affleck Supporter Logo on chest) -> will be sold during golf events in Pictou County or upon request. Schedule to be posted soon.
-Golf Tournament (date TBD)