Friday, June 24, 2011

Helping out for some great causes!

Over the past week I have volunteered my time to help raise money some some great causes. Last Sunday I hit drives all day on number 7 at Abercromebie golf and country club to help raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. The event is still fairly new and every year they continue to get more interest and raise more money. This year they surpassed their goal and raised just over $3500. Thanks to John for the invitation to help out for day.

Today I was beating balls on number 7 at Abercrombie again but this time the fundraiser was for Summer Street Industries in New Glasgow. This event has to be one of the best in Atlantic Canada. The organizers do an amazing job and I was happy to be able to contribute my day to help out my friends at Summer Street Industries. The total amount raised today was over $185,000. Amazing!!! Thanks to everyone for their generosity and I'm glad I could do something to help out.

Adult clinics every Sunday

Adult Clinics 
Every Sunday this summer I will be conducting an adult clinic that will feature a different aspect of the game each week. They are 1 hour clinics and the cost $15 per person.


Men 2-3pm
Ladies 3-4pm

Sunday, July 3 - Chipping / Pitching
Sunday, July 10 - Bunker play
Location is Glen Lovat Golf Club and being a memebr is not a requirment.
*times and lesson types are subject to change.