Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting tuned up

Over the past 3 days I have been working with Ted Frick, he is the director of Classic Swing Golf School here in Myrtle Beach. Ted is one of the best teachers in South Carolina and was nominated top 100 teachers in America. I approached Ted a few days ago and told him I have been struggling and needed some help. Well, Ted did not even hesitate and he made time for me in his very busy schedule to work with me to sort things out. After we took a few videos it did not take Ted long to figure out what was going on, I was lacking hip rotation, and my hands were not releasing quick enough through the impact zone. The rest of my swing looked great and after a few minor adjustments, some hip stretching and hundreds of golf balls hit, I am feeling very confident heading into my tournament this week. This is the first timed I have worked with anyone and I am looking forward to continuing working with Ted and continue to try and reach my full potential.

I will be hitting the road tomorrow morning to head to The Club at Irish Creek in Kannapolis, NC for a practice round. The tournament starts on Wednesday and I am heading into this tournament with a new mind set. I am going into this tournament with winning it on my mind. I have been going into the last few tournaments thinking about making the cut and worrying about getting a paycheck. It's time to just go out and play golf and think about one shot at a time and at the end of the week that one shot i'll be thinking about will be to win the tournament!


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