Wednesday, February 9, 2011

eGolf Professional Tour debut one week away

I will be making my debut on the eGolf Tour a week from today in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The tournament is the Swiftwick Shootout Palmetto Hall and will feature about 200 players. It is a 72 hole event and after 36 holes the field will be cut to top 70 and ties. I have been working through some minor swing changes the past few weeks and I feel like everything is coming around just in time. I was having some pretty bad misses that were costing me to many strokes, with my new swing path, I am hitting a consistent fade and my misses are much more controllable. I will be spending the rest of the week fine tunning my mid to long irons and putting until the hole seems to be the size of the Atlantic Ocean!

Golf shirts have been selling steadily and sizes may be getting low, but good news, I just picked up 24 ladies shirts and 15 mens shirts. I will continue to keep my eye out for more shirts and I will have them ready to sell near the first of May. If you are interested in purchasing any of the current shirts I would suggest that you jump on it because the next batch of shirts will be different.

If you want to stay updated on my day to day progress next week you can follow the results through this link:
Swiftwick Shootout at Palmetto Hall -- February 16-19


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