Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barrage of Support!

I am very fortunate to have an amazing and large support group. In the last 14 days I have had four egolf tour events covered by generous donations. To start off the slew of donations I had Ken Lim and my college golf coach Aaron Edwards contribute to my egolf event on March 30- April 2. Then I had a gentleman who has contributed to my golf career numerous times since I was a junior golfer. Joe MacGillivray stepped up and covered my event on April 13-16. The good news didn't stop there though, I then got a call from my wife's uncle Gerald Green, and he informed me that Maia, Ryan, Anna, and Callum were going to cover my egolf event on April 20-23. Which leads me to the latest slew of donations. I have received an enormous amount support from a group of Islanders over the past few days thanks to Tim Banks of APM. Tim was not only generous enough to donate towards my egolf event on May 4-7, but he went above and beyond by sending an email out to a group of his friends about me and asking them to help me out by contributing $100 each. Tim sent that email out on Sunday, since then I have received enough to pay for one and a half egolf events through donations! Special thanks to the following Islanders who have contributed over the past couple of days: Tim Banks, Carrie MacNabb, Terry McKenna, Brooke MacMillan, Dan McInnis, Phillip Watts, J.William Hogg, Susan Harrison, Doug MacDonald, John Abbott, Ed Babineau, and Jamie Hill.

I have also gotten off to a great start with selling golf shirts as over half of the inventory has been sold already and I am on the hunt for more shirts.  The next batch of shirts most likely wont be ready until the first or second week in May. Just in time for golf season in the Maritimes!

The past two weeks have been full of good news.  I have received a numerous amount of donations and sold quite a bit of golf shirts. I took about a week and a half off to regroup and rest before I started a grueling practice schedule as I prepare for my first egolf event. I started back practicing last Monday as we got settled into the condo in Myrtle Beach, SC. I have been practicing at the Legends Resort and Golf Club which features a pretty good practice facility and three very different style and challenging golf courses.

I have been focusing on my putting as I have lost a bit of confidence over the past few weeks but my confidence is growing again and I feel like it is going to come back at the right time. During the time off I took I thought a lot about what I was doing when I was winning college and amateur events. I came to the conclusion that one thing that I used to do in the past was play a cut with my short irons. So I spent the past couple days making a few swing changes and now I am playing a consistent 5-10 yard cut with every club in my bag. Moving the ball with cut spin instead of hook spin allows for a softer and more controllable landing which results in more fairways hit and more greens hit. I played a round today with my new swing and I think once I get a bit more comfortable moving the ball in that direction it will turn me into a more consistent player. Jack Nicklaus played a cut his entire career, worked out pretty good for him!

Thanks to everyones tremendous amount of support I will be able to stop worrying about if im going to have enough money to play next week, now I know I can go out and play worry free golf until the end of May. I cant explain how much this means to me right now, my spirits have lifted, my stress has gone away and I am excited to get started on the egolf tour!


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