Friday, December 10, 2010

Building on the Positives

Another week on the developmental tours has passed and I am continuing to build on the positives.  I spent a couple days this week practicing very hard and I found something in my swing on Tuesday that excited me and I started to have much more control over my shots.  I also came up with a new pre-shot routine that takes a few seconds longer.  I have a bad habit of getting quick and not getting focused.  I just finished playing in a 36 hole event at Ridgewood Lakes Golf Club on the Florida Professional Golf Tour it's fair to say my new pre-shot routine has paid off.  I hit the ball extremely well the past two days hitting 25 of 28 fairways and 32 of 36 greens in regulation.  I am very confident off the tee now and once I pick that target I know I'm going to hit it.  I finished 11th in the tournament with rounds of 75-72 (+3) and collected my biggest paycheck so far, $500!  The greens we played were rolling 12 (very fast) and the pin locations were very tough.  Ridgewood Lakes is a course you really need to think your way around the golf course and commit to your targets and the cold and wind added to that affected the scores both days.  I played my way around the course really well both days but I struggled to make birdie putts.  I hit a lot of great putts that just didn't go in.  I was miss reading the greens a bit and just couldn't find the happy medium.  I had some company on the course today, as well as a great homemade dinner after the round, thanks again Ron and Gloria!

I have 18 hole event tomorrow at Windermere Country Club.  I haven't played this course before so I will play it conservatively and try to roll in some birdies!  This will most likely be my last event until the new year.  I will be flying home on December 15th through the 22nd because my sister Amy is getting married on the 18th.  I will take about 2 weeks off to spend time with my family and will start practicing again just after Christmas.


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