Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long overdue update

We are finally settled in down here and I have been playing as many events as I can.  I have been practicing a lot lately at Orange County National and it is really starting to pay off on the course.  I have the confidence I need to hit the shots that are required under any circumstance.  My game is starting to come around as I am focusing on the positives from each round and building on them.  I have been off to a bit of a struggle since I arrived down here but things are headed in the right direction.  I am just over 3 weeks into my professional golf career and I earned my first paycheck yesterday.  It was a great  relief to finally break the ice and place well in a tournament.  I shot rounds of 72-72 and finished in a tie for 8th place and even par.  I had some hometown support out there with me that made me a bit more comfortable, thanks for coming out Treen and Cathy!  During the second round I played with Patrick Sheehan, a former PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour player.  It was great to play with someone like him and see what it takes to play on the big stage.  He also gave me some great advice throughout the round to help me take my game to the next level.

Today I went to watch the final round of the PGA Tours Children's Miracle Network Classic. It was my first time at a PGA Tour event and it was a good experience and I got to get an idea of the PGA Tour atmosphere.  Being at the event today watching was kind of like sitting in the stands at one of my hockey games with an injury.  I wanted to be out there playing and not sitting there watching.  Having said that,  being there today gave me even more motivation to get there and play at that level.  I know I have the game to do it, I just need to focus on the little things and find ways to get that little white ball into the hole.

My next event is tomorrow at West Orange Country Club.  A course that I have played before!  Pretty much every tournament I have played so far I had to play the courses blind.  Now that I will be comfortable with the courses and got my first paycheck out of the way,  I have a different state of mind; I am going there tomorrow to win the golf tournament!

Also I have made some major changes to my schedule lately.  I have removed all of the Hooters events because once I got down here and realized all of the other tours I could play on for a lot less money.  The Hooters Tour is very expensive starting out and I want to be able to make my money last.  I can play 4 competitive rounds a week for half of what it would cost me to play one 3 round tournament on the Hooters Tour.  So financially I have decided not to play on the Hooters Tour over the winter but I still plan on playing the Hooters Summer series pending I have the finances to do so.

Thanks for all the support!


  1. Brian, we are keeping you in our thoughts everyday here in West Virginia. Looking forward to your success. Stay focused and win that money!! Congratulations!!

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