Saturday, October 9, 2010

$11,000 raised at fundraiser

I raised just over $11,000 towards my expenses last Friday at the fundraiser golf tournament that Glen Lovat hosted for me.  The day was a great success which had 25 teams of 4 come out and support me following my dream.  I spent the day on number 7 tee hitting tee shots for groups and personally thanked every golfer for coming out and supporting me.  It was a great chance to practice hitting drivers and I got to help everyone reach the par 5 in two shots! Gojko and Zdravka were very generous on this day as they donated all the monies raised.  Without there help I wouldn't be able to get things started and take care of some of my initial expenses such as membership fee, entry fees, and conforming equipment.  The support from all of the staff and members has been tremendous and it just keeps growing and growing.

Thank you to everyone that came out to show their support and help me kick start my funding!


  1. Tear it up tomorrow, bud!

    Dave and Brennen

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