Thursday, September 16, 2010


After my father shot the best round of his life this morning (72), I asked him to come out and play with me this evening.  He was glad he came out to play another 18 as he got to witness my hole-in-one on number 6 at Glen Lovat Golf Club.  I used a 52 degree gap wedge from 134 yards.  My father wasn't looking when I hit the shot and right after I hit he said "where did it go?" and I responded with "it could be in".  The pin was tucked behind the mound on the left of the green and we didn't know it was in until we got up to the hole and saw the ball mark just infront of the hole and Dad looked in the hole and yelled "IT'S IN!".  A solid high five and a roar was exchanged between the two of us!  This is the second hole-in-one of my career and both of them occurred on the same hole 4 years apart.

Teams are signing up quickly for my fundraiser tournament on October 1st so sign up your team if you haven't already.  Glen Lovat is donating all of the monies earned on this day to help pay for my expenses playing professional golf.  I look forward to seeing everyone there!



  1. ....great ball striking young man...

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