Saturday, December 25, 2010

eGolf Professional Tour Member

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as I was back to work this afternoon getting back in the swing of things after taking a 2 week break.  During my time off I spent a week at home in Nova Scotia for my sister Amy's wedding.  It was a great wedding and a lot of fun. It was great getting to see my family and friends and seeing my sister walk down the isle was a special feeling.  Congratulations Amy and Llyod! 

Last week I became a member of the eGolf Professional Tour.  This tour is based out of the Carolinas and I plan on playing 12 events spanning from March to September. The eGolf Tour is one of the top developmental tours in North America.  They have of the biggest purses and week in week out have some of the strongest fields.  I want to test my game at the next logical level and by playing on the eGolf Tour I feel like I will be able to further develop my game and be one step closer to the big stage. Some other benefits of the eGolf Tour include: eGolf will pay for 2011 PGA TOUR Q-School for the top 20 members on the tour’s 2011 member earnings money list. 72-hole tournaments with a full-field purse of $250,000. Offer a minimum of four Nationwide Tour exemptions in 2011. They Also have two events in Morocco in March with 120 man fields and $250,000 guaranteed purses.

I am currently in the process of looking for supporters who are interested in helping with my expenses on the eGolf Tour. The main expense will be my entry fees. Each entry fee on the eGolf Professional Tour is $1150 US for a 72 hole event. I have been fortunate enough to already have one of my first eGolf event entry fee covered by Paul Madden. Paul is a successful businessman from Newfoundland and is currently residing in Prince Edward Island where he recently opened a new condominium on waterfront Charlottetown.  I also had Amy and Llyod MacInnis Chip in to help me pay for entry fees in two of my upcoming Florida events. The support I have been receiving from people is unbelievable. My blog alone had over 10,000 hits in just over 2 months! I cant thank everyone enough for their continued support! 

Merry Christmas and have a happy and safe New Years!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Professional Win!

Just over 7 weeks into my professional career and today I won my first tournament!  I shot a 4 under par 68 to win by one shot over 2 players at Windermere Country Club. It was a small but tough field today and I managed to come out on top.  Today was the first time I played the course and I managed it very well. I hit the ball great again today hitting 12 of 14 fairways and 16 of 18 greens.  I had 6 birdies and 2 bogeys on the round.  The 4 foot par putt on 18 gave me a taste of what it's like to be under that kind of pressure on the professional level. I am very excited about this and between my wife Charlotte, and my father, I think they are both more excited than I am!  It was such a great feeling to call them right after I found out I won and tell them the news.  I collected $700 for the win and got my hands on the giant check I have been eying up since I arrived down here!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Building on the Positives

Another week on the developmental tours has passed and I am continuing to build on the positives.  I spent a couple days this week practicing very hard and I found something in my swing on Tuesday that excited me and I started to have much more control over my shots.  I also came up with a new pre-shot routine that takes a few seconds longer.  I have a bad habit of getting quick and not getting focused.  I just finished playing in a 36 hole event at Ridgewood Lakes Golf Club on the Florida Professional Golf Tour it's fair to say my new pre-shot routine has paid off.  I hit the ball extremely well the past two days hitting 25 of 28 fairways and 32 of 36 greens in regulation.  I am very confident off the tee now and once I pick that target I know I'm going to hit it.  I finished 11th in the tournament with rounds of 75-72 (+3) and collected my biggest paycheck so far, $500!  The greens we played were rolling 12 (very fast) and the pin locations were very tough.  Ridgewood Lakes is a course you really need to think your way around the golf course and commit to your targets and the cold and wind added to that affected the scores both days.  I played my way around the course really well both days but I struggled to make birdie putts.  I hit a lot of great putts that just didn't go in.  I was miss reading the greens a bit and just couldn't find the happy medium.  I had some company on the course today, as well as a great homemade dinner after the round, thanks again Ron and Gloria!

I have 18 hole event tomorrow at Windermere Country Club.  I haven't played this course before so I will play it conservatively and try to roll in some birdies!  This will most likely be my last event until the new year.  I will be flying home on December 15th through the 22nd because my sister Amy is getting married on the 18th.  I will take about 2 weeks off to spend time with my family and will start practicing again just after Christmas.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Birdies, Eagle, Ace! and more...

Today was an eventful round of golf to say the least.  My round was highlighted by a hole-in-one on the 145 yard par 3 8th hole.  The wind was hurting a bit and blowing hard right to left so I hit a punch 9 iron and it bounced once and hopped right into the hole!  This was my first ace in competition and my 3rd of my career.  Now let sum up the rest of my round for you with some interesting numbers.  I had an ace, eagle, 5 birdies, 4 bogeys and a.... 9 on the par 3 14th hole.  Im sure some of you are wondering how I managed to make a 9. Well here it is.  I was 3 under par for the round through 13 holes and I caught my tee shot a little heavy on the par 3 and it embedded in the hazard.  For me to take relief I would have had to go back to the tee because it was over a pond.  So I figured I could pop it out the lie,  well I did just that, then it rolled back into the hazard.  So I gave it another whack out, and it rolled back into the hazard again.  So I gave it another whack, and it rolled back into the hazard but right into the pond this time.  So I took my relief and 3 putted my way to an astounding 9.  Went from 3 under to 3 over in about 4 minutes.  I still had 4 holes to play and I knew the course was playing tough and if I finished strong I still might be able to get into the money.  The 15h hole is 525 yard par 5 and I hit driver, 7 iron to about 15 feet and rolled the putt in for eagle!  I then got a bad break on 16 and made bogey but answered back with a birdie on 18 to finish with a one over par 73 and in a tie for 4th place.  70 ended up winning the tournament today and I played 17 holes at 5 under par and even a double bogey on that par 3 would have gave me the win.  And that ladies and gentleman is why golf is a 4 letter word!

I will be playing in a 36 hole event this weekend at Reunion Resort.  We will play the Nicklaus course tomorrow and the Watson course on Sunday. I am looking forward to this event because I have been playing some really good golf and i can limit my bogeys and continue to make birdies I will have a great shot at winning it! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WFGT Tour Championship Invite

I received an email from the tournament director of the West Florida Golf Tour yesterday.  They had a couple of players withdraw from the event and he invited me to come play in tomorrows 27 hole Tour Championship. Having been hand picked from hundreds of other players down here is quite a honor. The winner of this event will take home $2500! The tournament is being hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Members Club in Sarasota, Florida.  It is one of the most prestigious clubs in Florida, so I am very excited to play this golf course and compete in a very strong field.  Results from the tournament will be posted under the results tab on Monday night.  Also can be found at

Friday, November 26, 2010

Finding the Fairways

Hello everyone,  I have started to play some solid golf and managed to crack the money 4 out of my last 6 tournaments!  They are not big checks, but I am getting my money back,  and getting more and more comfortable every event.  I have been spending a lot of time lately working on my chipping and distance control with my wedges.  I have noticed a trend since I got down here and I am not capitalizing on opportunities.  Each little part of my game is starting to shape up nicely, once I fine tune my weaknesses, I have a good feeling I will have my first win in the near future!  This past week I was in contention twice down the stretch.  It was great knowing that I had a chance to win the golf tournament.  Unfortunately I didn't make a few putts when I needed to and was unable to pull off the win.

Since arriving down here I have had some very flattering compliments about my game from fellow players and tournament organizers.  Knowing that people see my potential gives me confidence in myself.  I have had current/past Nationwide and PGA Tour players tell me that I have what it takes to make it,  its a pretty good feeling,  and a huge confidence boost.

I have been practicing at Orange County National.  It is the number 1 facility in Florida and number 2 in the country.  It is also host to this years PGA Tour Q-school finals.  I played in a tournament there this week and shot 70 (-2) and missed out on a playoff by 2 strokes.  I will continue to practice at Orange County until I head to Myrtle Beach at the end of February.

If you are going to be in the Orlando area this winter feel free to email or call me.  We could get together to play some golf or if you want to watch some golf, I would love to have some hometown support on the course!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Global Maritimes Interview Now on YouTube

Did you miss the interview with Ray Bradshaw from Global Maritimes last month? Well now you can watch it on YouTube.  Click here to watch the interview!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long overdue update

We are finally settled in down here and I have been playing as many events as I can.  I have been practicing a lot lately at Orange County National and it is really starting to pay off on the course.  I have the confidence I need to hit the shots that are required under any circumstance.  My game is starting to come around as I am focusing on the positives from each round and building on them.  I have been off to a bit of a struggle since I arrived down here but things are headed in the right direction.  I am just over 3 weeks into my professional golf career and I earned my first paycheck yesterday.  It was a great  relief to finally break the ice and place well in a tournament.  I shot rounds of 72-72 and finished in a tie for 8th place and even par.  I had some hometown support out there with me that made me a bit more comfortable, thanks for coming out Treen and Cathy!  During the second round I played with Patrick Sheehan, a former PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour player.  It was great to play with someone like him and see what it takes to play on the big stage.  He also gave me some great advice throughout the round to help me take my game to the next level.

Today I went to watch the final round of the PGA Tours Children's Miracle Network Classic. It was my first time at a PGA Tour event and it was a good experience and I got to get an idea of the PGA Tour atmosphere.  Being at the event today watching was kind of like sitting in the stands at one of my hockey games with an injury.  I wanted to be out there playing and not sitting there watching.  Having said that,  being there today gave me even more motivation to get there and play at that level.  I know I have the game to do it, I just need to focus on the little things and find ways to get that little white ball into the hole.

My next event is tomorrow at West Orange Country Club.  A course that I have played before!  Pretty much every tournament I have played so far I had to play the courses blind.  Now that I will be comfortable with the courses and got my first paycheck out of the way,  I have a different state of mind; I am going there tomorrow to win the golf tournament!

Also I have made some major changes to my schedule lately.  I have removed all of the Hooters events because once I got down here and realized all of the other tours I could play on for a lot less money.  The Hooters Tour is very expensive starting out and I want to be able to make my money last.  I can play 4 competitive rounds a week for half of what it would cost me to play one 3 round tournament on the Hooters Tour.  So financially I have decided not to play on the Hooters Tour over the winter but I still plan on playing the Hooters Summer series pending I have the finances to do so.

Thanks for all the support!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Safely arrived in Florida

We arrived in Florida late Wednesday night and although I haven't played an event yet,  it didn't take long for me to learn the meaning of the "tour grind".

On our journey down to Florida we made several pit stops.  We first stopped in Hartford, CT and watched a Kent girls varsity soccer game.  My wife Charlotte attended high school there and played soccer and hockey for them.  Also while in Connecticut, I took the opportunity to visit the course Arnold Palmer got his first American PGA Tour win (Whethersfield Country Club).

We then headed to the mountains of West Virginia! In West Virgina I got caught up with two of my college teammates and played a couple rounds of golf at some great courses.  We stayed with my college coaches parents; they provided us with tremendous hospitality and it was great getting caught up.

Our next stop along the way was in Myrtle Beach.  We stayed there for 5 days and got a feel of the area we will be living come Spring time.  I played a few courses that I have events at next summer and I cant wait to get back and play them again.  I also got another chance to catch up with two other college teammates and play a round of golf with them.  Next destination, FLORIDA!

We are still trying to get settled in down here and we have been staying with Peter Campbell the past couple of nights until we find something that is convenient and affordable.  I played some golf with Peter and he has been very good to me by giving me advice and helping me prepare for life as a golf professional.  My first event is tomorrow at Hunters Creek.  I tee off at 9am and I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling and start cashing some checks!

To check out the results I will have a link posted under the "Schedule" tab.

Thanks again for all the support!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

$11,000 raised at fundraiser

I raised just over $11,000 towards my expenses last Friday at the fundraiser golf tournament that Glen Lovat hosted for me.  The day was a great success which had 25 teams of 4 come out and support me following my dream.  I spent the day on number 7 tee hitting tee shots for groups and personally thanked every golfer for coming out and supporting me.  It was a great chance to practice hitting drivers and I got to help everyone reach the par 5 in two shots! Gojko and Zdravka were very generous on this day as they donated all the monies raised.  Without there help I wouldn't be able to get things started and take care of some of my initial expenses such as membership fee, entry fees, and conforming equipment.  The support from all of the staff and members has been tremendous and it just keeps growing and growing.

Thank you to everyone that came out to show their support and help me kick start my funding!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Global TV Maritimes

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that Ray Bradshaw of Global News did a story on me tonight and it will air on Thursday night at 11:45pm and again on Friday morning at 6:45.

Also we have two special guests on Friday for the fundraiser golf tournament at Glen Lovat!  Bernie Robichaud (Cyrus) from the Trailer Park Boys along with Dwight D'eon from Canadian Idol will be coming to the event on Friday.  Come on out to get an autograph and out drive Cyrus!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Affleck finds luck and support at Glen Lovat

Adam MacInnis from The New Glasgow News has an article in today's paper about my hole in one and fundraiser golf tournament on October 1st.  Take a look at the article here: Affleck finds luck and support at Glen Lovat

Thursday, September 16, 2010


After my father shot the best round of his life this morning (72), I asked him to come out and play with me this evening.  He was glad he came out to play another 18 as he got to witness my hole-in-one on number 6 at Glen Lovat Golf Club.  I used a 52 degree gap wedge from 134 yards.  My father wasn't looking when I hit the shot and right after I hit he said "where did it go?" and I responded with "it could be in".  The pin was tucked behind the mound on the left of the green and we didn't know it was in until we got up to the hole and saw the ball mark just infront of the hole and Dad looked in the hole and yelled "IT'S IN!".  A solid high five and a roar was exchanged between the two of us!  This is the second hole-in-one of my career and both of them occurred on the same hole 4 years apart.

Teams are signing up quickly for my fundraiser tournament on October 1st so sign up your team if you haven't already.  Glen Lovat is donating all of the monies earned on this day to help pay for my expenses playing professional golf.  I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Website Development Update

Hello Everyone,
I have recently had the honor of having Richard MacKinnon step up and offer his services to create a website for me.  Richard has a great passion for the game of golf, and would love to see me achieve my life long goal of playing golf on the PGA Tour.  Richard is going to do everything he can to help me market myself and help me recruit investors.  Over the past week we have been out on the course getting some video footage as well as pictures for the website.  The website will be a way for me to market myself and allow my friends and supporters to stay updated on my results and progress on the professional level.  We have been getting some pretty good video clips on the course and are focusing on a "Recovery 101" video right now. The video will consist of me hitting shots out of trouble situations to show one of my strengths of being able to grind it out on the course and help promote my website.  This video will be something you will want to send around the office and show all your friends!

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the website and in the mean time I will have continuous updates on this blog.

The domain of the website will be

Monday, September 6, 2010

Keigan Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament

Yesterday, September 5th, My wife Charlotte and I held the 2nd Annual Keigan Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament at Glen Lovat Golf Club.  The day was a great success which had 32 teams of 4 come out and support the Pictou County Day Care.  Keigan attended Pictou County Day Care and they are a non-profit organization that provides to over 75 families at the moment.  They are in need of funding because they are relocating in 2012.  With the money we raised yesterday, it will provide a great start to the Day Cares fundraising. Thanks to everyone who cam out and supported this great cause and helped us keep Keigan's memory alive!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fundraiser Tournament October 1st

Article in The News

Ray Burns of The News (New Glasgow) has just published a great article on me in today's paper.  It is helping spread the word around Pictou County about my future plans.  To check out the article, click here: "Teeing it up"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Glen Lovat Club Championship

Gojko presenting me with the Club Championship trophy.

This past weekend during the Glen Lovat Club Championship I played some of the best golf in my career.  I fired rounds of 65-68 and finished 11 under par to win the tournament.  I am very happy with my performance over the weekend, I have had a lot of great rounds in tournaments but have never been able to follow them up with another great round until this weekend. My 65 on Saturday set a new competitive course record by 3 strokes. I beat my previous record of 68 which I shot in the 2006 club championship.

This weekend was very important to me because it was my last tournament as an amateur.  My goal for the tournament was to finish 10 under par or better.  My total of 133 (-11) was my personal best by 5 strokes. I feel very confident in my game right now and I am ready to take it to the next level.  I will spend the next 7 weeks fine tuning everything and getting all of my plans finalized before heading south.

The golf course was in absolutely amazing shape and I have never seen the greens roll as good as they did on weekend.  All of the staff and volunteers at Glen Lovat are great people and take great pride in their work which helped make this past weekend the most successful Club Championship in the history of Glen Lovat.  They had a total of 119 players participate in the Men's, Woman's, Senior, and Junior Club Championships.  Congratulations to Owners Gojko and Zdravka for having the new clubhouse open on Saturday morning which was a great touch to kick off the weekend.  The clubhouse is absolutely beautiful and If you get a chance it is definitely worth dropping by to have a nice cold beverage and enjoy the view from the new clubhouse!

Also Zdravka told me this morning they are going to have a fundraiser Scramble before I go away to raise money to help me pay for my expenses on the mini tours.  I will let everyone know as soon as a date is finalized and I have all the tournament details.

Thanks for all the support!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Amherst Open Champion!!

Over the past 2 days I was playing in the Amherst Open at Amherst Golf Club. I shot rounds of 74-71 (+3) to win the tournament by one stroke. Both days I struggled to hit my approach shots close but my putter saved me numerous times and I didn't miss a putt under 5 feet both days. The greens were the toughest greens I have played all summer, they were very fast and undulating with some very tough pin locations. I played very solid in round two minus 3 hiccups on holes 10, 11, and a double bogey on 18. I managed to make a charge with birdies on holes 13, 14, and 15 to put myself in a position to win the tournament. I have been building off all of my tournaments this summer and after every tournament I sit down and take all the positives out of my play. I have really learned the value of picking out the positives to help grow my confidence.

I feel my game is starting to shape up more and more every tournament I play in and I have finally got my competitive edge back! August has been a good month so far with 2 wins and a runner up finish! I will keep the momentum going this weekend as I play in the Glen Lovat Club Championship.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer 2010 Tournament Update

So far this summer I got off to a slow start but my game is starting to come around now and I have had some good finishes lately. Below is a list of my results this summer:

•Runner Up at the Oakfield Invitational. Scores: 70-73 (-1)
•Stanhope Open Amateur Champion. Scores: 67-75 (-2)
•Runner-up at the PEI Amateur Championship. Scores: 68-76 (E)
•NSGA Family Classic Champions. 63-67 (-14) Modified Pinehurst Format.
•14th place finish at Nova Scotia Amateur Championship. Scores: 74-77-74-79 (+16)

On Wednesday and Thursday I will be playing in the Amherst Open. It is a Pro-Am event so it should be a good field and lots of competition.

This weekend I will be playing in club championship at Glen Lovat.


Welcome to my blog! I have created this blog to help my friends and supporters follow me on my road to the PGA Tour. I will do my best to keep everyone updated with tournament results, travel schedule, sponsorships/backing, and anything else interesting I come across on my journey. Stay tuned for summer 2010 tournament results.